Bruno Fernandes poured fuel on the fire in the power struggle between CR7 and captain Maguire in MU

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T7, 19/02/2022 - 19:56

The Portuguese midfielder took to the social network Instagram to release controversial comments, after the news that Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Maguire were competing for the Manchester United captain’s armband. It is a sign of new unrest in the dressing room of the Old Trafford team.

Vụ Ronaldo làm đội trưởng MU: Câu trả lời chính thức được đưa ra
Ronaldo and captain Maguire in the colors of the MU club

The Mirror (England) revealed in an exclusive report on Thursday that there were growing conflicts in the MU dressing room, with Ronaldo and Maguire embroiled in a power struggle with the captain’s armband.

Accordingly, coach Ralf Rangnick, Ronaldo and Maguire had a closed meeting to clarify the captain’s armband at the “theater of dreams”. Here, Maguire opposed the idea of giving up the role of captain and handing it over to Ronaldo – who won the Ballon d’Or five times for the rest of the season.

Harry Maguire is afraid that he will lose the MU captaincy permanently, not reclaim it after this season ends. Meanwhile, coach Rangnick called on Ronaldo to lead and take care of the young stars “red devils”. This is said to lead to friction with Maguire, because as the captain, it is Maguire who should be the one to lead the MU dressing room.

A source from inside MU said: “Initially, Ronaldo asked the MU players to support Harry Maguire. But now the problem is that the head coach wants Ronaldo to coach all the younger players.

That’s what makes Maguire no longer in a leadership role, while he is the captain that now has to do whatever Ronaldo says to keep the “sweet” on the team.

Now, Ronaldo’s Portuguese compatriot Bruno Fernandes has posted a picture of himself standing between centre-backs Eric Bailly and Raphael Varane on Instagram with the stirring caption: “Feeling very safe between these two”.

Fernandes “đổ thêm dầu vào lửa” cho cuộc chiến Ronaldo - Maguire
The photo posted on instagram by Fernandes caused a lot of controversy

Maguire plays as a central defender and is the captain of MU. Many fans on social media commented that Bruno’s statement seemed to show that he preferred Bailly and Varane to play in a central defender pairing rather than captain Maguire. Maguire has recently dropped in form, leading to his captaincy being questioned. Bruno Fernandes’ message further hints at the chaos in the MU dressing room with Maguire feeling marginalized and reduced in influence with the players. Earlier, there was also information that the group of Portuguese-speaking players led by Bruno and Ronaldo had conflicts with the group of native English players.

And now, Bruno Fernandes’ words between Ronaldo and their captain are said to be competing for power to be interpreted as “a sophisticated shot of Bruno Fernandes aimed directly at Maguire”.

When he returned to Old Trafford after a 12-year separation last summer, Ronaldo immediately urged his teammates to unite behind Maguire’s back. When MU struggled with bad form on the pitch, the 37-year-old Portuguese superstar continued to show a message calling for unity. However, in recent weeks, Ronaldo’s support for Maguire has decreased.

Earlier, the British media said that Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire were upset and unhappy when Ronaldo wanted to create influence and power in the dressing room of the Old Trafford team.

C.Ronaldo chê Harry Maguire đá dở, muốn giành quyền đeo băng đội trưởng | Báo Dân trí
The “competition for power” at MU causes tension in the team

However, Rashford posted a forum to deny this information. Rashford wrote on social media: “We just work and go together now. Please stop looking for division.”

There is a lot of information about the rift in the Manchester United dressing room. If it is true, it will greatly affect Ralf Rangnick’s short reign as well as the hopes of winning the Champions League spot next season of the Old Trafford team.

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