Hanoi Young Business Association and the keyword “regeneration, innovation”

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Strengthening activities to connect and support members in a practical and effective way is the plan that the Hanoi Young Business Association will implement in 2022.

In 2022, Covid-19 will no longer be a pandemic

Năm 2022, Hội Doanh nghiệp trẻ Hà Nội chọn từ khóa tái tạo, đổi mới

Renewal – Innovation seminar organized by Hanoi Young Business Association

The “Renew – Innovate to Breakthrough” Talk organized by the Hanoi Young Business Association within the framework of the 2022 Youth Union Program, started with a saying by Mr. Peter Drucker, the world’s leading consultant on the topic administration: “The greatest danger of the crisis is not the impact of the crisis, but the way to solve it according to the old way of thinking.”

The narrator of this quote is Mr. Pham Van Thinh, General Director of Deloitte Vietnam, a speaker who attended the Seminar in the online form due to being positive for the Sar-Cov 2 virus. After 2 years of the epidemic, the changes have changed. The great growth in technology, treatment solutions and ways of dealing with diseases has made space and time no longer as meaningful as before.

“We are no longer bewildered by the number of tens of thousands of new infections when the vaccination rate in Vietnam is among the top in the world. Vaccines and drugs are being developed strongly. We have surveyed the top 500 CEOs in the world, they believe that by the middle of 2022, Covid-19 will no longer be a pandemic, but will be a disease”, Mr. Thinh informed.

This also means that the world economy will come back stronger, even if uncertainties remain, in the immediate future, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

This is a driving force for Vietnam’s economy in 2022, because with its large openness, there are many new generation free agreements with major economies in the world.

“Signs of export recovery have been very strong since the end of 2021.
This year, the recovery of major markets and the effects of FTAs will be a springboard, the basis for export growth and Vietnam’s economic recovery in 2022″ Thinh forecast.In particular, Mr. Thinh said that, when Covid-19 is no longer an epidemic, business activities will return to normal, fiscal and monetary policy packages will be used to recover and develop the economy in 2 years 2022- 2023 that the Government is implementing is the basis for the economy to achieve the GDP growth target of 6-7%.

The trend of regeneration and innovation

Năm 2022, Hội Doanh nghiệp trẻ Hà Nội chọn từ khóa tái tạo, đổi mới
Hanoi Young Business Association launches executive committee for the term 2021 – 2024

Participating in the Seminar with members of the Hanoi Young Business Association who are seasoned businessmen in the marketplace. They agree with the choice of keywords for 2022 by the Hanoi Young Entrepreneurs Association.

Mr. Pham Dinh Doan, Chairman of Phu Thai Group said that people will have to live in a world with many uncertainties. Therefore, adapting to calm, building a strategy to overcome are the top requirements in business operations.

“Businesses will have to think and do instead of just focusing on doing as before. It is important to adapt to the changes, to have the right strategy,” shared Mr. Doan.

Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong mentioned digital transformation strategy as an inevitable thing of businesses, not a choice of whether or not to do it. It is this choice that has helped Eurowindow to overcome the difficult epidemic period, when the Company’s main fields of activity, which are real estate and construction, fell into industries and industries that were heavily affected.

“It was during this period that we decided to do digital transformation in an substantive way. All activities need to be associated with reality and substance,” Mr. Hong shared.

Ms. Doan Thi Bich Ngoc, CEO of Canifa, has found a solution to optimize the human resources team, optimize relationships with partners, who provide premises and materials. Cost cut more than 30%…

Even the group that is said to benefit from the epidemic, like the technology company of Mr. Nguyen Khoa Bao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FSI, the problem of innovation and reproduction is not simple. “We have to convert digitally first, then convert successfully to convince our customers. Also thanks to the argument passing, a project that used to require 200 people in 6 months now only needs 50 people and 3 months. Even when we need to distance ourselves, we can still carry out work with customers,” said Mr. Bao.

Hanoi Young Business Association and substantive connection

Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding on strategic cooperation between Hanoi Young Business Association (HANOIBA) and K&G Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company

One of the most interested questions in the Seminar is how to connect and support businesses to develop together. Because member enterprises of the Hanoi Young Business Association are mostly small and medium-sized, with low financial potential and competitiveness, it is not easy to enter established value chains.

Mr. Pham Dinh Doan shared this situation, but also emphasized, if you do it alone, you can’t grow up. The 21st century is the century of team work, with cooperation can do great things. Enterprises make sure that the 1 + 1 relationships must be equal to 3, even equal to 11, the better. But the links are not because of familiarity, but because of the benefits and values that the parties create for each other. That is the new sustainable link, said Mr. Doan.

The linking problem is solved by asking questions for businesses themselves, is the product or service really competitive, has it created value for customers…

Within the framework of the Seminar, the Hanoi Young Business Association and the Red Star Entrepreneur Club signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation, with the goal of sharing information and connecting cooperation. Mr. Nguyen Dang Nam, Chairman of the Hanoi Young Entrepreneurs Association, hopes this cooperation will be part of the capacity support plan for its members.

However, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong, Chairman of the Red Star Club also emphasized, will set KPIs for this cooperation activity. “We need substantive and meaningful activities, not movement activities. Within the Red Star Entrepreneur Club, we also define this requirement,” suggested Mr. Hong.

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