The ideal places to check in and eat both beautiful and delicious in Ta Xua

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One of the famous tourist destinations in Son La (Vietnam) that is loved by young people is going to Ta Xua to hunt for clouds. Ta Xua is a highland commune in Bac Yen district, Son La province, Viet Nam. This place, which was only famous for the ancient San Tuyet tea and medlar, has become closer and more familiar to young people who love to travel.

Tà Xùa mây trắng bay | Báo Dân tộc và Phát triển
Rare majestic cloud hunting photo taken by tourists

In the past, when traffic was not convenient, clouds were a big obstacle for villagers because moving in each layer of dense clouds was quite difficult. However, at the present time, clouds are one of the most difficult things to do “specialties” for Ta Xua to become a tourist attraction. However, not everyone who comes here for the first time can successfully hunt the sea of clouds. This phenomenon appears to depend on appropriate weather factors.

The ideal time to visit Ta Xua

With Ta Xua, the right time to hunt clouds is from October to April every year. However, there are many other factors that you need to pay attention to such as drizzle, low temperatures at night and high during the day. Clouds are more beautiful when it’s sunny. Therefore, to hunt Ta Xua clouds, you need to learn and plan in advance for the most complete trip.

Where to stay in Ta Xua?

Tất tần tật kinh nghiệm đi Tà Xùa Săn Mây mới nhất Vietnambooking
An ideal place to stay with a beautiful view that makes visitors flutter.

If going to Ta Xua for the first time, everyone in the group should pay attention to the reviews and sharing of the homestay that are well appreciated by everyone for reference. When booking in advance, you should ask the homestay to send the price list and photos of each room with the view.

Many people think that “if you come to Ta Xua, you must stay in Lu Tre”, so you can also refer to it. When coming here, people will be captivated by the clouds with a 360° view. Hunt for dawn in the morning, hunt for clouds during the day, and hunt for sunset in the afternoon.

Where are the best places to check-in in Ta Xua?

Ta Xua has quite a few beautiful places for you to check out, many beautiful and famous places that when you come here, you must visit at least once. Many customers have commented on different locations with the same address for those who have comments to come here for reference. However, here are some of the most recommended points by customers:

– Wind Peak: This is the ideal place to watch the most beautiful sunset in Ta Xua.

– Dinosaur spine: It is a beautiful and ideal place to hunt clouds and also travel on a discovery route that is loved by backpackers.

– Lonely Tree: A place that brings a feeling of relaxation, comfort, dispelling all troubles in life.

In addition, you can also learn about the customs and culture of the generous, personable and cheerful H’mong people.

Săn mây ở Tà Xùa
Great check-in place that visitors should not miss

Depending on the schedule, weather and time, you should ask the homestay staff for advice on the farthest or closest destinations to you to make a reasonable schedule.

What to bring to Ta Xua?

– Towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair dryer.

– Power bank, phone charger.

– Shoes: Should wear 2 – 3 pairs, if it is wet or dirty in the rain, you can change, plastic shoe covers so that when you put them in a bag, they don’t get dirty on each other.

– Medicines: Panadol, stomach pain medicine, ginger tea, drinking water.

– Sun cream, moisturizer. Depending on the weather, you should consider bringing a raincoat or sunscreen with accompanying items.

– Bring some snacks such as water, cake, milk, fruit (remember to bring garbage bags to the center to the right place).

Where to eat in Ta Xua?

Lẩu gà đen H'mong - Gà Thiên Vương
Black chicken hot pot – typical cuisine of the northern mountains of Vietnam

– Breakfast: Noodles with vegetables and eggs, vermicelli, chung cake, sticky rice, priced from 20 to 30 thousand VND.

– Hot pot: Sturgeon hot pot, black chicken hot pot, chicken hot pot, braised duck with bamboo shoots, price from 200 to 250 thousand VND/person

– Grilled: Buffet of beef and pork, grilled chicken, grilled fish, price from 200 to 300 thousand/person.
In addition, you can also search for ethnic specialties in the Ta Xua mountains by asking for the help of a homestay or exploring by yourself. It will certainly be an interesting and wonderful experience for visitors to this place, especially foreign tourists who love to explore Vietnamese culture.

Things to note when going to Ta Xua

Everyone remember to fill up the gas tank before going, save the phone number of any car repair shop on the side of the road, in case the car breaks down or the tube is punctured, call for convenience. Before returning from a certain location, please check your personal belongings such as, phone, headset, power bank, or wallet…

Ta Xua is really beautiful, still unspoiled, has not been concreted like other places, the check-in points are close to each other, traveling is not too difficult. Bring yourself a beautiful soul, a warm heart, and a sunny smile when you come to this beautiful land. Wishing everyone a happy and safe trip.

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